Search Engine Optimization Services (SEO)

A brand’s website usually gets a lot of online traffic via organic searches. That’s why you have to make sure that your brand appears at the top of the natural search results. If you are wondering how, that’s when SEO comes into the picture. Our professionals are well aware of the search trends so they come with an excellent SEO strategy that includes keywords, contents, backlinks to ensure your brand ranks good in the SERPs. In this way, you can also get higher traffic that can lead to conversions.

What is SEO?

SEO simply means search engine optimization, a practice through which one tries to increase the quantity and quality of the traffic on a website. It brings your brand in front of the audience you wish to target without any paid measures. The noon paid promotion is called organic and brings your brand on the top of the search engine results.

However, one thing most of the SEO practitioners forget is that it is not as much important for the search engines as it is important for the people. The bottomline is that one should understand what his audience is searching about online. The answers they seek are basically the keywords that the audience is using for their searches. With the SEO practices, one can also figure out which type of content the audience wants to consume. When you know the answers of all these questions then you can easily connect with the people that are searching for similar results online. Your solutions for them will bring them to your website.

While you must know the intent of your audience, delivery of the solutions should be accurate as well. It is only then the search engine crawlers will find your content and understand how it is useful for the audience you wish to reach.

What is a search engine?

Search engines act as a library of results for people’s queries. They look into the billions of web pages, evaluate them on thousands of parameters to determine if this is the content that you were looking for the answer to your query.

Not just web pages, the search engines look into PDFs, images and videos as well that are available on the internet, using a process called “crawling and indexing”.

What are organic search results?

Organic search results mean those that appear on top of the search results by using effective SEO techniques. The other way of promotion is paid. The search engine results pages, which are also known as SERPs, feature both ads as well as organic results.  

Search engines take money from the advertisers but they still want to help the searcher with a more useful result. So this is why the SERPs show a user organic search results much more than the advertised web pages. 

Even if you do not come in the top results despite using an effective SEO plan, a search engine will give you multiple chances like featuring inside a box of related questions that you see under a People Also Ask section.

How To Get Traffic On Your Website

Search engines try to provide the accurate most results to a user’s query and it is where the work of an SEO practitioner begins. Search engines help both the internet user and the business to succeed and solve their purposes. A good website ranking can help you bring your product in front of the right audience whenever it searches for a similar product.

The world’s most popular and commonly used search engine, Google, has a SEO Starter Guide that can help you achieve a decent google website ranking. It is much like a guide for the beginners but nothing can go wrong with that. The guide is quite supportive of the efforts that you put in for the Search Engine Optimisation. You can also attend various digital marketing events and conferences online to gain additional knowledge on the subject. 

Online, there are conferences available like Unbounce, SearchLove, MNsearch and Moz’s own MozCon that regularly attract the representatives from Google and other major search engines.

But before you put in any effort in SEO, it is advisable that you use a website rank checker to know the current status of your online business. Amazon’s famous Alexa website ranking is the most popular and authentic tool to check the current ranking and other technical details of a website. 

What are the Google Webmaster guidelines?

The basic principles of the Google Webmaster guidelines are as follows: 
  1. Try to create content for the users and not the search engines.
  2. Do not try to deceive your target audience as it will affect your Alexa website ranking.
  3. Tricks are of no use. Always think of your target audience before publishing anything on the internet.
  4. Try to create content that is unique, engaging and valuable.

All the SEO practices around these four basic principles of the Google Webmaster guidelines have helped many online businesses achieve a decent website ranking. You can measure your success with an authentic website rank checker like Alexa website ranking after applying all these practices to grow traffic on your website.

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