Ecommerce Development: All You Need To Know

If you want to win an e-commerce game then you must have your presence online. You should match the audiences’ expectations for compelling them to convert into customers. An e-commerce store is a must. Visually, it should look stunning and the conversion should focus on development. No matter if you are a startup, or your business is evolving, you can complete ecommerce website development easily. Many of the established brands have also developed ecommerce stores to sell their products in the recent past.

In this guide, we will help you with the techniques to accelerate the growth of your e-commerce website. You can hire an ecommerce development company  as it employs a team of expert e-commerce practitioners. With in depth knowledge of the subject, an ecommerce development company tells you about the popular platforms that assist your –.

An ecommerce website development company not only assists you in the creation of e-commerce websites but also gives you a solid foundation. You can run your ecommerce business operation seamlessly with the help of evolution.

Geographically, ecommerce development company India and other countries have helped many of the businesses in the past.

Which are the best platforms used for ecommerce development?

  1. Magento 2

Magento 2 helps you unlock the true potential of your business and helps you grow business online. There are many features available in the application like, customisation, flexibility, responsiveness and security.

  1. Shopify

Shopify provides your brand an advantage of an online store that can help you drive conversions by boosting the sales for the growth of your business.

  1. WooCommerce

WooCommerc customer focused tool of e-commerce development. You can keep your focus on a brand and optimise sales with the help of WooCommerce. You can get a winning edge if you use the interface of the software effectively.

  1. Drupal

Drupal empowers the customers you deal with by giving them incredible shopping experience. It is not an exaggeration as you can offer a range of amazing options that are rendered by the specific modules of Drupal Commerce.

  1. PrestaShop

PrestaShop is another tool of ecommerce development that brings new opportunities to your business. The features offered by the software are tried and tested.

Why to hire an ecommerce development company?

  1. You can customise the design of the e-commerce website
  2. You can customise the e-commerce store
  3. You can develop shopping cart 
  4. You can develop the marketplace for your business
  5. You can use various plugins along with module development
  6. The development of the website becomes responsive
  7. You can develop e-commerce apps
  8. The integration of payment gateway becomes easy
  9. An ecommerce development company assist you in maintenance and support

We hope our guide on ecommerce website development helps you.

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Mobile App Development: Tips & Tricks

Mobile application development helps you create software applications for mobile phone devices. All the mobile applications use a network connection that allows you to work in accordance with the remote computing resources. You can develop software bundles, such as code, binaries and assets with the help of custom mobile application development. All of these applications can be installed on any of the mobile phones, be it Android or iOS. You can implement mobile application development services on the backend to access the data in form of an API before testing the end result on the target devices.

Which are the platforms used for mobile application development?

Mobile application development means developing a software application for a mobile phone device. Currently, there are two mobile applications platforms that dominate the market — Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS.

The iOS platform is owned by Apple Inc. It is the operating system for all of Apple’s iPhone smart phones. The second one is Google’s Android. Besides the smart phone devices owned by Google, many other OEMs also use this operating system to manufacturer their own smart phones range and other mobile devices.

Even though both the platforms are different from each other, developing mobile applications is  quite similar in iOS and Android devices. The software you use for coding and design will be different and come as software development kits (SDKs) but the development tool chain will not be much of a difference. Apple has kept the iOS operating system and its apps exclusively for the range of iPhones owned by the company. Google, on the other hand, allows other smart phone manufacturers to use Android to meet specific requirements. With the help of the operating system, Google allows these devices to ship along with some of the Google applications in built. 

What is the role of a mobile application development company?

A mobile application development company helps you create an application of your brand, product or service. You can target hundreds of millions of people using either iOS or Android smart phone devices.

A mobile application developer salary is quite a lot and it is an interesting job as you can help someone create a store within a small mobile application. The results can be infinite. All you need to do is that plan a mobile application development strategy before starting the building phase. 

What are the alternatives for mobile application development?

You can choose one of the four major mobile application development approaches given below:

  1. Mobile applications that are native to your customers
  2. Applications that assist cross platform transactions
  3. Hybrid mobile applications
  4. Progressive web applications

You can choose one of the above mentioned approaches for mobile application development. All of these applications have their own set of advantages as well as disadvantages. You can choose the right development approach when you think of the exact requirements of your projects and the user experience. Just compute resources and the features that are native to your customers, plan a budget for mobile application development, set timelines and start building the app.

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Email Marketing Guide – From A To Z

Email marketing is an important tool of marketing and it has been in practice since inception. Despite being one of the oldest methods of online promotion, email marketing is quite effective and mostly targets the audience directly. You can easily connect with your leads, nurture them, and turn them into your customers. The process has to be consistent and you will definitely make the best of this marketing channel.

In this article, we will explain the entire process of email marketing and try to analyze how one can generate business leads and improve sales every day throughout the week.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is one of the digital marketing strategies that helps you send emails to those who can be your customers. With the help of an effective marketing technique, one can convert the prospects into customers by convincing them with a single email or a series of emails. The email marketing is also effective on the existing customers as one time customers turn loyal and eventually raving fans that promote the product further.

NOTE: One thing to keep a note of here is that even the best email marketing service will be effective only when it is supported by the other digital marketing practices.

With the help of this guide, one can make effective email marketing templates. All you need is commitment to email marketing and patience to wait for the customers to react. In case you are note sure if the email marketing services will be of any use to your business or not then you should create a list of emails gradually and start experimenting on your own to see the results.

What are the benefits of email marketing services?

  1. You can create a list of email addresses that you target as your potential customers
  2. You can optimize the text of the emails for the maximization of the open rates as well as the click through rates (CTR).
  3. The process of lead conversion can be automated as well with the help of an email marketing software.
  4.  You can turn the prospects into your customers.

What is the importance of email marketing services?

Social media has become an effective tool of digital marketing in a small span of time. Unsolicited spam emails, on the other hand, have never been an effective marketing strategy. A planned email marketing strategy is quite effective as you can nurture leads besides boosting the loyalty of your customers.

Why should you use email marketing software?

  1. Email marketing works on a single communication channel. For the matter of fact, at least 99 per cent internet users check their email accounts on a daily basis. No other communication channel provides such a healthy scope of promotion.
  1. You can make a list of potential customers. In the case of social media, an account can be blocked or suspended by the platform for spamming or for any reason and that too without prior notice. With an email list, you can never get out of touch with your leads and can consistently work on to convert them into customers.

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Social Media Marketing Guide: Handy Tips For You

Social media marketing is a digital promotion technique that emphasises on the use of the social media platforms for connecting to your audience. One can easily build a brand, promote sales and / or bring traffic to the website using various social media platforms. You must publish effective content on the social media profiles after reading, listening to and analysing the content that engages your followers. You can analyze your results before running advertisements on various social media platforms.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest and Snapchat are among the popular and commonly used social media platforms at the moment. You can also hire a social media marketing agency for expert guidance.

There are numerous tools and software available in the market that helps you manage your social media effectively. These tools have helped many businesses in the past. You can make the best of these social media platforms after reading our guide. No matter if you want to create a brand of your own or want to develop your business, all of these social media platforms will help you succeed. Currently, the market is full of social media marketing jobs.

Here are the five points you need to keep in mind for effective Social Media Marketing:

1. Strategy

Do not start publishing the content on social media without any strategy. It is important to analyse the bigger picture before starting publishing on social media. The first and the foremost step of social media management is to decide a social media strategy.

To make a strategy, you must answer a few questions like what do you want to achieve? And How is social media going to help you achieve what you want? 

Most of the businesses use social media these days for increasing the visibility of their brand. Some of them are driving traffic on the website from these social media channels. You can increase sales as well by using an effective social media strategy. 

2. Planning Before Publishing

For a small scale business, one can start with a Social media marketing strategy that works consistently to increase the presence of the brand on social media. More than three billion people are present on social media today. A mere presence on social media platforms can give a brand a boost to be discovered by those who have been looking for similar products or services elsewhere.

3. Listening For Engagement

A business grows gradually when the following on social media starts to grow. You must keep conversations with the users to increase the visibility of your brand. In case people are already commenting on your posts or send you direct messages then you must react instantly.

4. Analytics

The content you publish should be engaging enough to give you a fair idea of your performance. Parameters like your reach last month, mentions in a month and the amount of brand’s hashtags present on social media analyse the effectiveness of your strategy.

5. Advertising

This is the final stage as when you have funds, use them wisely on social media to grow your business. Advertising on social media allows you to reach the target audience easily and effectively.

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What is SEO?

SEO simply means search engine optimization, a practice through which one tries to increase the quantity and quality of the traffic on a website. It brings your brand in front of the audience you wish to target without any paid measures. The noon paid promotion is called organic and brings your brand on the top of the search engine results.

However, one thing most of the SEO practitioners forget is that it is not as much important for the search engines as it is important for the people. The bottomline is that one should understand what his audience is searching about online. The answers they seek are basically the keywords that the audience is using for their searches. With the SEO practices, one can also figure out which type of content the audience wants to consume. When you know the answers of all these questions then you can easily connect with the people that are searching for similar results online. Your solutions for them will bring them to your website.

While you must know the intent of your audience, delivery of the solutions should be accurate as well. It is only then the search engine crawlers will find your content and understand how it is useful for the audience you wish to reach.

What is a search engine?

Search engines act as a library of results for people’s queries. They look into the billions of web pages, evaluate them on thousands of parameters to determine if this is the content that you were looking for the answer to your query.

Not just web pages, the search engines look into PDFs, images and videos as well that are available on the internet, using a process called “crawling and indexing”.

What are organic search results?

Organic search results mean those that appear on top of the search results by using effective SEO techniques. The other way of promotion is paid. The search engine results pages, which are also known as SERPs, feature both ads as well as organic results.  

Search engines take money from the advertisers but they still want to help the searcher with a more useful result. So this is why the SERPs show a user organic search results much more than the advertised web pages. 

Even if you do not come in the top results despite using an effective SEO plan, a search engine will give you multiple chances like featuring inside a box of related questions that you see under a People Also Ask section.

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How To Get Traffic On Your Website

Search engines try to provide the accurate most results to a user’s query and it is where the work of an SEO practitioner begins. Search engines help both the internet user and the business to succeed and solve their purposes. A good website ranking can help you bring your product in front of the right audience whenever it searches for a similar product. 

The world’s most popular and commonly used search engine, Google, has a SEO Starter Guide that can help you achieve a decent google website ranking. It is much like a guide for the beginners but nothing can go wrong with that. The guide is quite supportive of the efforts that you put in for the Search Engine Optimisation. You can also attend various digital marketing events and conferences online to gain additional knowledge on the subject. 

Online, there are conferences available like Unbounce, SearchLove, MNsearch and Moz’s own MozCon that regularly attract the representatives from Google and other major search engines.

But before you put in any effort in SEO, it is advisable that you use a website rank checker to know the current status of your online business. Amazon’s famous Alexa website ranking is the most popular and authentic tool to check the current ranking and other technical details of a website. 

How to rank your website on Google?

Google is the most used search engine and thus, most of the digital marketers work hard to achieve a decent website ranking on Google. Much to your relief, Google assists the SEOs and the webmasters tool, information of which you can easily through the Webmaster Central Help Forum. The forum hosts live sessions on office hours that you can attend as per your convenience. 

The guidelines for the webmaster vary from one search engine to another. However, the basic principles remain the same. Do not worry, we will explain all of these basic principles and you can achieve a good website ranking without trying to trick the search engines.

A website manager should always try to provide the visitors a good online experience. Tricking the search engine with poor content will upset the visitor, bounce rate will be high and the Alexa website ranking will start to fall. This is not what you want for your website, right? So, follow all the search engine guidelines carefully and try to fulfill the user’s demand with intent.

What are the Google Webmaster guidelines?

The basic principles of the Google Webmaster guidelines are as follows: 

  1. Try to create content for the users and not the search engines.
  2. Do not try to deceive your target audience as it will affect your Alexa website ranking.
  3. Tricks are of no use. Always think of your target audience before publishing anything on the internet.
  4. Try to create content that is unique, engaging and valuable.

All the SEO practices around these four basic principles of the Google Webmaster guidelines have helped many online businesses achieve a decent website ranking. You can measure your success with an authentic website rank checker like Alexa website ranking after applying all these practices to grow traffic on your website.

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